Liberty Street Location

Self Service and Drop-off Service

1800 Liberty St Ste 114, Chesapeake, VA 23324

10 load machines


8 load machines


6 load machines


4 load machines


3 load machines


Top load machines


large capacity dryers

.25 for 6 minutes

super capacity dryers

$2.00 for 5 minutes. Additional minutes for $0.25

All washers take approximately 23 minutes.

Drop-off Service $1.25/lb (9:00am-8:00pm)
Same Day Service – $1.50/lb
Comforters – $20.00
$15 minimum

We use high-quality products such as Gain, Tide, Clorox, Oxiclean, Bounce and Hypoallergenic unscented products.

Payment System

Our machines accept quarters or Huebsch app that has a rewards program where our customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Once 50 points are reached, a $5 reward is credited.

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Soap Center

Last Wash Starts at 9pm

Free Wifi for all our customers


I have been using the big machines for 25 plus years. The facility is almost always clean because they are constantly cleaning, nothing new.

All machines were operational, and in good keeping. We used it after a weekend of camping at first landing, perfect for cleaning clothes while we cleaned up our campsite. great location for wrapping up a weekend!!

This location is a quick walk from my apartment. The machines are well-maintained, and the laundromat itself is very clean. They have an array of different detergents to use, and using the app to pay is super simple. I have run into the owners a couple of times, and they are extremely nice.

The owner and his wife are two of the nicest people I've ever met. Many times I stop by here and she is inside cleaning and he's walking around checking things out making sure maintenance is in tip top shape. You can even call their phone number and ask questions they answer and they are very helpful. I appreciate the free Wi-Fi as well because that allows for me to get school work or other things done while I'm waiting for my clothes to dry and I also like the shows that they play during the day on TV. The cameras are always rolling and you can rest assured they are keeping an eye out on the place so anyone who claims anything negative about this place is just judging based off of the area but the people around are really nice and don't bother anyone. The area itself is what it is and there's been no issue. I have never felt unsafe here and they even allow you to use a clean well maintained bathroom. They're very much making a difference in the community and I hope that business continues to thrive for this establishment. Thank You!! - JeyM T