Community Involvement

Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend

A big thank you to the Virginia Beach Department of Health volunteers! They collected over 500lbs of discarded clothes during the 2024 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend. Due to the generosity of Coastal Virginia Laundry, these clothes are now freshly laundered and in the hands of PiN Ministry where they will be given to the homeless and less fortunate in our community

Living Water Laundry Ministry

We partnered with a ministry that is 100% focused on providing laundry services for people that are in need. This is important. It’s a necessity of life. If you can donate. Please contact them.

Norfolk SPCA

Thank you Norfolk SPCA for letting us process 564lbs of laundry in three hours for your nonprofit needs!

Thompson Law Group, PLLC

Navy Seal Foundation fundraiser kicking off now! We donated five free pickup and delivery bags. We also created a promo code SEAL for $10 off. Try it today!

Coastal Virginia Laundry – Community

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I have been using the big machines for 25 plus years. The facility is almost always clean because they are constantly cleaning, nothing new.

All machines were operational, and in good keeping. We used it after a weekend of camping at first landing, perfect for cleaning clothes while we cleaned up our campsite. great location for wrapping up a weekend!!

This location is a quick walk from my apartment. The machines are well-maintained, and the laundromat itself is very clean. They have an array of different detergents to use, and using the app to pay is super simple. I have run into the owners a couple of times, and they are extremely nice.

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